Instaham aka my rant for the week

Anyone can take a good fuckn pic but what’s up with the life behind it? We try to paint the most beautiful picture sometimes with limited or tainted colors… I’ve done it myself: made the best out of the shitty situation I was in… Or made believe that the shitty situation I was in was golden. So I get it. But, it’s fuckn unnecessary. Just don’t post shit about your dude if he ain’t shit. Don’t take mad pics of bags and shoes you had to “werk” to get. Stop posting pics of your body talking bout “gym life” and “team squats or whatever” when you and the world knows you’ve had plastic surgery. Where’s the humility? Are we all so insecure that we need constant validation of our progress or bodies, etc. And, please don’t be fooled the things you read are lies. Them quotes and spiritual mantras are propaganda that even he poster doesn’t follow. Instagram the lowest form of self publicity know to man. People are marketing themselves. Nothing is real.

Everything is fake except for what truly moves your soul. Know the difference between your baser instincts being appeased and your spirit being touched. There’s a huge fuckn difference mayne.

Your favorite gal



Mark Bustos is a hair stylist at an upscale salon in New York City, but not all of his clientele have to be wealthy to get a quality trim. Sometimes, they don’t need a penny.

For more photos of Busto’s work and more about his inspirational story go here. 

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race matters

i don’t live my life in defense mode but that’s my choice. that doesn’t mean that racism does not exist. in fact, i believe it does. but allowing yourself to become angry or vigilant in a manner that cannot be solved overnight is a waste of time and energy. we’ve got to be smarter. this generation’s idea of changing the social framework of our country comes in the form of hashtags and protests. neither have the capacity to evoke change because neither are long-lasting. protestors may piss people off but people eventually give up and shift their focus and the opposition knows to wait it out.

what can we do to impact our society and incite positive change in our favor as black Americans? what is the permanent solution?

what’s crazy to me is that other ethnic groups have figured this out and we haven’t. why is that? maybe because those other ethnic groups main priority stems from unity; something that we lack as Black Americans. And, while we’re at it, do we even want to excel as a unit? with so many people denying their Black-ness and claiming to be mixed with this and a quarter that, does it even matter to anyone anymore?